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Teaching staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mr J Bryant Headteacher Safeguarding DSL
Miss N Townshend Deputy Headteacher Teaching and Learning
Day to Day running of the school
Mrs A Lewis Inclusion Manager  
Mrs K Seamark Teaching & Learning Lead (YR) EYFS class teacher and Reading Lead
Miss J Pyne Class Teacher YR and RE
Mrs J Scott Class Teacher YR and DT & Art
Mrs C McAllister Class Teacher Y1 and Spelling and Phonics Lead
Miss E Pugh Class Teacher Y1 and Geography Lead
Miss C Reeve Teaching & Learning Lead (Y1&Y2) Y2 and Science Lead
Mrs V Cooper Class Teacher Y2 and Music Lead
Mrs K Lowther Class Teacher Y3 and Curriculum Lead
Mrs J Fenner Class Teacher Y3 and PE Lead
Mrs E Armstrong Class Teacher Y3 and PE Lead
Mrs J Livingstone Teaching & Learning Lead (Y3&Y4) Y4 class teacher and Writing Lead
Miss S Morley Class Teacher (NQT) Y4 class teacher and History Lead
Mrs L Matthews Class Teacher Y5 PSHE Lead
Pupil Premium Lead
Miss A Stoten Class Teacher (NQT) Y5 Class Teacher and MFL Lead
Mr P Simmonds Class Teacher Y6 and Maths Lead
Mr L Heard Teaching & Learning Lead (Y5&Y6) Y6 and Computing & Website Lead
Mrs L A Wall Class Teacher Based in Y5/Y6, PPA cover and EAL and AMA Lead


Other teaching staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mrs S Stubley HLTA Based in Y5/Y6, PPA cover
Mrs W Hall HLTA Based in Y5/Y6, PPA cover
Mrs M Betts HLTA Based in Y3, PPA cover
Mrs P Rowland Learning mentor  


Teaching support staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mrs C Gray EY LSA  
Mrs A Ellis EY LSA  
Mrs K Devonald EY LSA  
Mrs D Wright Y1 LSA  
Mrs D O'Neill Y1 LSA  
Mrs S Reynolds Y1 LSA  
Mrs K Calder Y1 LSA  
Mrs S Jones Y2 LSA Key worker
Mrs S Gurden Y2 LSA Key worker
Mrs S Lander Y2 LSA Key worker
Mrs S Mycroft Y3 LSA  
Mrs H Wannell Y3 LSA Key worker
Mrs J Gee Y4 LSA Key worker
Mrs R Lucey Y4 LSA  
Mrs S King Y4 LSA Key worker
Mrs N Gardner Y4 LSA Key worker
Mrs T Nightingale Y5 LSA Key worker
Mrs G Dodd Y5 LSA Key worker
Mr S Braithwaite Y5 LSA Key worker
Mrs H Sloane Y6 LSA Key worker
Mrs C Thatcher Y6 LSA Key worker


Administrative staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mrs J Piggott Office staff Admin
Mrs T Lee Office staff HR, Safeguarding and Health & Safety
Mrs Z Byrne Office staff Finance and Premises


Midday staff

Name Designation  
Mrs D Durkan MDA supervisor  
Mrs C Mitchell MDA supervisor  
Mrs L Waters MDA  
Mrs H Sloane MDA  
Mrs A Price MDA  
Mrs S Reed MDA  
Mrs T Nugent MDA  
Mrs K Mellowship MDA  
Mrs S Lyon MDA  
Mrs J Cayzer MDA  
Mrs B Haste MDA  
Mrs T Johnson MDA  
Mrs G Cooper MDA  
Mrs M Jacks MDA  
Mrs D Blake MDA  
Mrs Kn Calder MDA  
Mrs T Nightingale MDA  
Mrs C Lempriere MDA  
Mrs T Bradford MDA  
Mrs J Gee MDA  
Mrs C Thatcher MDA  
Mrs S Mayhew MDA  


Premises/Cleaning staff

Name Designation  
John O'Brien Site manager  
Mrs S Lyon Cleaner  
Ms R Emiline Cleaner  
Mrs S Faulkes Cleaner  
Mrs D Durkan Cleaner  
Mrs L Ball Cleaner  



Name Designation  
Mrs L Luke Cook  
Mrs L Ball Cook  
Mrs H Baker Cook  


Breakfast Club staff

Name Designation  
Mrs A Price Breakfast club  
Mrs S Reed Breakfast club  
Mrs S Lyon Breakfast club  
Mrs D Durkan Breakfast club supervisor